So this summer I finally visited Las Vegas!!! We stayed at Encore at the WYNN down the strip and this was my view! Managed to make it into a perfect and 100% Las Vegas couple of days! Including the playing and WINNING in a casino (at Caesar's Palace) & spending the money on shoes, spending loads of one dollar bills and drinking funny vodka in a strip club, visiting and shooting at a shooting range, eating out in amazing restaurants, taking a heli ride to the Grand Canyon, seeing two shows: Le Reve (this one was so good, the best show I have ever seen in my life, very beautiful) and Michael Jackson (I am a huge fan, but I fell asleep on this one).
 Entrance and Spa at the Encore
Shooting guns in Las Vegas. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to shoot the guns I wanted to! I've been told they were too powerful! It sounds like I wanted to shoot big machine guns, but no, I just wanted the cute silver ones that look like they are from a cowboy movie. It was a lot of fun shooting the target but the automatic setting is soo boring... Above are the cars that came to pick us up from the hotel to take us to the range. It's the whole experience. The place is called Battlefield: Vegas!
Did you follow my Las Vegas trip on Snapchat? My username is vero.molnar! Btw, I won playing blackjack, that I played for the first time, after watching people play while my friend explained a bit! I definitely suggest you play a bit, choose a table with small bids, than you can't loose much...
 VINTAGE shirt (shop similar here) | RENATA TRENCANSKA bracelet
Outer parts of Las Vegas from the helicopter
FREE PEOPLE dress (shop it here) | PRIMARK heels (shop similar here)

 In front of the Bellagio where we walked all the way from our hotel to take outfit photos (see it here) thinking it will be a nice little 30 minute walk, while we also do a little sightseeing, well no. It was more than 1 hour and since it was 40+ degrees outside we couldn't walk on the streets, we had to walk inside the casinos along The Strip, enter and exit each one along the way, because there at least the weather was nice, but it also means we didn't see much of the city...
This city was really interesting coming from Europe, especially from Budapest, all the fountains, lights, music from the bushes by the pedestrian sidewalks just so unique and so much fun! 
F&F kimono (shop similar here) | H&M top | ZARA shorts | NIKE shoes (buy it here) | FREE PEOPLE scarf
Now, this isn't a Las Vegas look, style wise but perfect for from outside heat to indoors air-con situation!
 Le Reve, my favourite show ever, if you are in Vegas it is a must see!
 Eva, miss you too much
The inside of The Venetian. At night. With a fake daytime Venice interior, complete with gondolas that you can ride. This place is so big, got lost not once; and the fake sky made me so dizzy :D
 FREE PEOPLE dress | PRIMARK heels | ZARA bag

This was my look for the casino and strip club night



CHEAP MONDAY jeans | ZARA top | CONVERSE shoes | VINTAGE jacket

Photos: Judit Szuromi

Just a very casual outfit that I made more interesting by adding this sequined Zara dress as a top. Which is so short anyway it is almost a top! Very comfy for everyday just add a coat for it to be weather proof!





NUBU dress | ZARA shoes (similar here)

Photos: Judit Szuromi

Happy Saturday, guys! How did you like yesterday's post? And the new name? To be honest, I think this isn't even a dress but a long top judging from the lookbook but I really loved this as a dress. I chose to wear it with a pair of over the knee flat boots since i really like the proportions of the short dress that way! It gives such a different vibe when you wear it with pretty shoes like here.
I think that if I were to wear it as a top I would pair it with some distressed blue denim.




This is kind of a big day in the life of my blog, as you all know I have been blogging on and mostly off since forever, some of you follow me from back then, when I started university in London in 2008. Anyway, I felt like I needed to change the name of this little online space for a while now, mainly because nobody understood it especially abroad, and therefor it was difficult to remember it... It took me several months to actually decide on the change and the new name because it is hard to let go, but here it is, from now on it is called 'What Vero Wears'. Hopefully you will all like the new name :) and will be able to get used to it! All the old links and names will work too!

There is so much I share on this blog but also so much I keep to myself. So I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share a few things that you don't know about me. (these are not actual secrets, just some things me and my friends put together)

 1. I am addicted to TV shows and reality TV. I don't even know if I am comfortable with sharing the list of all the ones I'm watching :D but here they are: n1 is The walking dead! Then the Scream Queens, How to get away with murder, The Good Wife, Eye Candy, Les Revenants, Vanderpump rules, Friends, SATC, all seasons of every 'Real housewives' except the Australia edition; The Kardashians and its spin-offs. I am sure there are loads more I watch but they are probably on a break so can't remember now! I started watching them because I am a terrible sleeper and need these to actually fall asleep!

2. There seems to be a lot of confusion around where I am from and where I live :D So I am from Budapest, Hungary, but went to a french school here, then moved to London for about 6 years where I studied 'Fashion marketing' at university and worked as a shop assistant and window dresser in Browns. Then came back to Budapest to work as a stylist and personal shopper at 'il Bacio di Stile'. Since leaving that place I have been traveling a lot but my base is still Budapest! But considering moving away again!

3. I have like 4 best friends, and one of them is my photographer. I know Judit since first year of kinder garden. We started taking photos for my blog when we were flatmates in Camden town, London, first with iPhone, then she upgraded to a Nikon G15, then Nikon D7000 and now Nikon EOS 6D. We are such a great team, we shoot an outfit in 10 minutes and usually make a day of it and shoot as much as we can!

4. I am not a morning person. I will set my alarm 2-3 hours earlier just so I can lay in the bed half asleep drinking my tea for at least an hour!

5. I am a cat person. My family has 3 cats, and they all have their on insta hashtags :P (#hulyemomo #hulyegeza #grumicat) They actually all belong to my sister who lives in the south of France since she was 16.

6. I am never on time, ever. 

7. I grew up partying in Home Club Budapest and Hajogyari sziget, so my taste in music is very deep house, techno and something I would call spiritual house music and also some rap music (but not for going out). Bad house music and club music annoys me so much I very rarely go out clubbing in Budapest. Listen to what I like here on my Soundcloud!

8. My favourite alcoholic drink is vodka. You will see me order it with ice and cucumber (if there is), a straw(!), and no lime! I hate champagne and anything with champagne in it. The only cocktails I can drink is Moscow Mule and Espresso Martini.

9. My fashion icon is Iris Apfel. She is so inspiring even though I don't usually wear accessories and jewelry.

10. I am a hypochondriac, so don't talk to me about deseases because I will get it... I am scared of blood too, I have fainted at and in better cases walked out from so many movies because it was too violent or something (strangely, zombies are an exception)

11. My favourite place on earth is 'Burning Man' (there will be a post about it soon).

PS.: The picture above is from that one dinner party where I attempted to help out in the kitchen (for like 1 minute)

PS.: All your lovely comments from all my posts have been deleted because of the domain change :( I am so sorry for it but that was the only way...




NUBU jumper | ZARA trousers | CAT shoes | FENDI bag | DIY choker

 Photos: Judit Szuromi

I really love this NUBU piece that I just decided to call it a statement jumper, I don't know if the term exists but it certainly fits this top! Funny how something so minimal can be so unique and statement-like! It has a great cut, I love how oversize it is, especially on the arms. It can be worn in so many ways, I think it could be perfect if you are feeling more girly over a tight dress or or something high waisted, but I was feeling very tomboyish and paired it with a simple pair of low rise pants and my CAT combat boots. I also added this DIY choker that I wear so often now it could my signature look. My best friend even noticed and asked 'what is this thing you're wearing all the time?' and I said I just love it, chokers are in anyway, but it's just a piece of ribbon that I took from the Amfar gala in Cannes (it was tied around the menu I think, ahaha).
Check my selection of 'statement jumpers' below and let me know which one is your favourite?


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