i am always in my bedroom when i am at home and never in the living room. Last night when i thought about it, i immediately went to sit on the couch, and this was when i realized our living room wasn't friendly enough to be in there. I decided that the next morning i will rearrange the whole room. So this is what i did earlier today. During this mission i broke the already unstable dinner table and hurt my back very much while trying to balance the glass top that i broke off. Now the glass top is put on a coffee table and the part that held the top will serve as a vase for flowers. We agreed with my flatmate that the living room looks better like this. Lets hope my back wont hurt for much longer because I have something to do on oxford street now and loads of studying to do in the next few weeks that I'm planning to start later today: I have a fashion buying project to hand in in two weeks, and I have a lot to read and research...
I will be meeting friends for dinner and drinks in east London.

loving white right now
skirt: topshop
coat: some shop in Italy
shoes: primark

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