URBAN MASTERS. With Bambi, we went to Urban Masters by Opera Gallery's pop up exhibition opening at Factory 7. The show that was on from 9-18 Nov, displayed works by contemporary urban & street artists. The exhibition was centered around the original masters of art and how they and their works have inspired today's urban and street artists. more info: CLICK HERE.

 Art history lesson by Brusk; Conception by Blo; System by Gris1 (detail)
 My personal favourite by MAC1, La noiseuse.

  Love, Crash, Bum by Zeus



BOHEMIQUE SUSPENDER DRESS. Russian lingerie inspired brand. Find them on Facebook here.

Campaign images via the Russianfashionblog.com.



HOUSE PARTY. On Friday night we went to this house party in Mayfair with Bambi and Katja. The birthday boy had these funny "plonker" caps as a party favor. It was a great idea so much that we actually had to hunt them down and then fight to keep them:). These parties at this house are a favorite of ours, its always never ending drinks & food with amazing music and people. I ate so much I actually had a food hangover the next day:).
I had a few options on what to wear, but this one seemed the comfiest of all. I'll have better pictures of it as soon as I can get someone to photograph it.

H&M dress | KURT GEIGER boots




KEPP SHOWROOM. This post was just sitting ready in my drafts folder for weeks now. oops. Anyways, It is no surprise that I love this collection, I am a big Kepp Showroom fan. My favorites about this collection are: the combination of yellow and grey; and also the t-shirts and t-shirt dresses with the texts. Will most definitely be trying to save up for one of the T-shirt dresses.
More pictures (originals) of the show on the photographers Facebook page: PinterK Photography.




SHOUROUK. By Shourouk Rhaiem since 2007. Shourouk signature designs feature enameled neon stones and Swarowski crystals combined with PVC and climbing rope taking inspiration from Bollywood movies and Russian aristocracy. Buy it online here.




HALLOWEEN OUTFITS FROM NYC. We went to three Halloween parties in New York, and 2 of them were on the same night. On Friday we went to our friends party that he organized in a church in East Village and the second night on Saturday we went to an amazing party with Angels and Demons theme, one of the most amazing nights I had in a long time. Food never finished, there was an endless selection of great food, from burgers to sushi, with a cocktail bar where there were no queues ever and a great crowd. That same night, after we had a quick run home, to change to our trainers, we went to Brooklyn, for Robot Heart's party. This party was so huge, it looked like a house music arena at a festival. 
I was wearing my own creation. I always like to make my own costumes, as I find the ones in shops too tacky or just of extremely bad quality. I had on a Black see through strapless dress, with a hooded cape of the same fabric with Zara sandals and a gold H&M clutch that you barely see on these pictures. 



NYC. First of all a big thank you for Bambi Tiziana for showing me New York. The trip was amazing.  Everything was perfect, from our hotel, Gansevoort, to all the parties and restaurants, to the people we met.  These are just some of my favorite shots from our journey; form the private parties & clubs of Manhattan to Robot heart's enormous party arena in Brooklyn. We had so much fun!
We were also super lucky to be able to fly out the very last minute from NY before Sandy.

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