It is the end of the year so I decided to prepare a post recapping all or rather most of what happened in 2013. From graduation through parties and internships to real life. This year had it all. Well almost. With all the high and lows 2013 is over and I am ready for 2014. Can't wait to see what it brings! 

The boards clearly show the emptiest: travel, so I really hope I can catch up on that in 2014!

I want to thank all of my readers for being with me this year! I hope you enjoyed your time on Blog Venkavision (also everyone who has contributed to my blog: Judit, Benedek, Barbi, Gyuri for the pictures and Miklos & Dorka for their continuous support).

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Louis Vuitton SS14.

Loving the blue jeans & black sheer combo! The idea is to pair a grungy looking baggy pair of jeans with exquisite fabrics. Something sheer, lace, feathers and/or jewels. Be it a top, a blouse, a little black jacket or a see through dress. It was a favourite of mine from the spring summer shows, so I will start 2014 with a version of this look.  





Christmas is over so life is back on track. 
Before my sister left we went shopping for her. She needed a little update with her wardrobe and since shopping is not her forte I went along to style her. 
We took the pictures that day, so I wanted to wear something comfy, and easy to change in case I see something I wanted to try and something that can be warm too because of the short jacket so I layered a white dress and the jumper.

MANGO jacket | TCHIBO jumper | H&M trousers | ZARA shoes




One of the last shoots we had with Judit in London before coming back to Budapest for Christmas.

We spotted this graffiti-d box while having a coffee drinking morning walk! We thought it goes perfectly with the brown colours of my fur coat.

This tee by Hokk Fabrica has become one of my fave t-shirts now, it has such a great a cut and colour!

I ripped the knees myself of these jeans. Sometimes when an outfit is just missing something I feel like ripping the knees is the answer. I do this all the time, so I have ripped knees in almost every colour of denim.

FUR COAT (similar in faux) | HOKK FABRICA tee | H&M jeans | KURT GEIGER boots | PRIMARK bag | NEW LOOK rings

It is very hard to find nice fur but I was lucky my mom and grandma had loads I could borrow (steal). I linked a brown faux fur from River Island if you want a quick alternative to this look.




Shopping the sales isn't just about buying what we wanted during the season but for less, or buying in the heat of the moment but also, and this is the main reason for me, to buy things I can wear next season. The following is a list I created from the sales offerings that you can buy online anywhere. I hope you will find things you like and that you will enjoy looking around!

My favourites include a lot of red, gold, feathers, tennis skirts, slip-ons & denim. 




Wishing you all my dear readers a very happy Christmas. 
I hope that you can spend it with the people you love the most.

I am spending Christmas with my family in Budapest with all of us finally here under one roof. My sister also lives abroad, in France, and it is probably the only time of year when we are all here at the same time. 

In Hungary, the biggest day of Christmas is the 24th of December, so we are getting ready with my family for tonight at home and for tomorrow with the grandparents and cousins.

What are your country's or family's Christmas traditions?



MANGO jacket | PRIMARK jumper | H&M jeans | ZARA boots | FENDI bag | F&F shirt (similar here)



Trends & Techniques I liked or use.


Bigger and constructed brows are a thing now. I love the look. Creating it, I actually prefer the pencil version for myself just because I am not good at all with shades. I have my favourite pencil that I found just recently, it is by Eylure and I use the medium to dark shade.

Pair a natural make up with colourful eyeshadow around your eyes just like everyone from Altuzzara to Prada. 

Gold isn't anything new. But! Experiment: brows, shadow, eye liner and lashes.



Since I am getting older I need to start using all kinds of new stuff: like foundation, concealer and blablabla. I tried looking at tutorials, and I am loving this contouring technique. Hopefully one day I will be able to recreate it myself.

runway beauty images from style.com rest from tumblr.



It is so good living with girls because then you can share most of your closet. Which means not only lending but also borrowing fab pieces like this white fox fur coat that we found in a vintage shop in Shoreditch.

VINTAGE fur coat | MARKS & SPENCER tee | MANGO jeans | H&M shoes | TOPSHOP bag

I got the bag at the beginning of my snake print mania. That means it could be from many season ago.

People always say I walk too fast, but it might just be that steps are too big!

The  sunnies I have been wearing what feels like eternity. I seriously dread the day when I brake or lose them. They are just the perfect shape fit for me and for every occasion each season. It is by Dries van Noten x Linda Farrow.

It was such nice weather until the day of the shoot. A sunny December in London, it wasn't even cold or anything so wearing courts seemed okay during the day too. These are from H&M, they were famous pair of shoes a few seasons ago from there, but I still love them this day.




Ohh once again this skirt/ dress over trousers for me. I think that it is now my new go to instant added style on a regular daily outfit.

I will show in a different post how the dress itself looks like, you have to see that too. It has such nice details on the top, which now is obviously covered up with my blue jumper.I matched to my jeans, haha.

The cross body bag. It is stolen from my worst friend. Well, she changed her mind on it so I took it from her. It is of navy velvet with silver detailing so it matches perfectly all my winter wear. You will see me wear this very often. In real life and on the blog too.

Just walking around showing off the flowing tulle. I could have been wearing the jeans with just the jumper and almost any shoe, but I usually prefer to add something out of the "ordinary" which in this case was this tulle bottom dress.

MARKS & SPENCER jumper | IN LOVE WITH FASHION dress | H&M jeans | DUNE shoes | ZARA bag




There are so many unexpected great settings in London. My favourites are always the places build of stones.

The other day we decided to go to the ICA. We wanted to see their photo exhibition about the Ibiza party scene in the 80's. We took a long walk before, it is in such a nice area of London. It is down from Picadilly circus but before St James Park (on Pall Mall). Walking closer to the entrance we saw that the doors were closed and so they are to. On Mondays the ICA is closed. So we took our pictures on the stairs leading to the entrance and left for a second long walk. Of course I changed shoes.

Kurt Geiger killer heels. Love love love.

About the outfit: I think I found the perfect pair of jeans. This is the shape I was looking for a long time. It is a bit oversized but in bootcut and of ankle length. It also has a higher waist. I said higher because it isn't the real high waist, it is sort of between normal and high, just enough to make you look taller.

I love pairing colours, and I love the khaki, turquoise combo. I don't know where my scarf is from, I stole it from my mom, but I found very similar ones that I have linked in this post. 

TOPSHOP hat | MANGO jacket | KURT GEIGER boots | CHEAP MONDAY jeans | REASON  tee shirt (similar here) | DRIES VAN NOTEN sunnies | FENDI bag | scarf (similar here)

Do you have a favourite colour combination? How do you like mine?



  MARKS & SPENCER scarf (similar here & here) | HOKK FABRICA tee | MANGO jacket | H&M trousers | NIKE trainers | ZARA bag | DRIES VAN NOTEN sunnies

Lately I have been buying many of my basics in Marks & Spencer. I have some white tees and simple jumpers in like ten different colours. And now this scarf. I loved it, when I first saw it in Budapest but of course I waited to come back to London to buy it. It just makes more sense to buy British brands in Britain. 
 I matched the burgundy with the pink which I really liked.

photos by Judit Szuromi




 KELLY LOVE waistcoat | MARKS & SPENCER jumper | H&M shirt | H&M ZARA jeans (similar here) | DUNE shoes (similar here)

A very simple and easy outfit for the daytime over what you can throw your oversized winter coats or a fur waistcoat with a big hat or scarf. I love good oversized and cropped trousers, not the boyfriend one but one that looks a few sizes big on me. I bought mine in H&M earlier this year but they have a similar now also, you just have to get a few size bigger if you want this effect. 




 HOKK FABRICA coat | TOPSHOP shoes | H&M jeans | PRIMARK tee | ZARA top

Before we went to see the Isabella Blow exhibition in Somerset House we had a coffee next to the National Portrait Gallery. We found the setting perfect for an outfit shoot. 

PS: these shoes were one of the best buys ever, they fit like perfection, they are in a super fun colour and they were on sale this past weekend for only £20.




 KELLY LOVE dress | VINTAGE jacket | H&M trousers | ZARA bag | TOPSHOP shoes

Putting the east London grunge look into the beautiful and feminine pieces of Kelly Love, Australian born UK based designer, whos pieces have appeared from Grazia weekly magazine to Elle.
Loving this beautiful silk dress with cross back detail and sheer bottom. Even though it is a piece from the summer 14 collection I could completely see myself wearing it this season. I paired it with denim skinnies to recreate the dress over trousers trend, which was one of my faves for this season.

How do you like the result? Would you try this trend?
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