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We spent some time yesterday gallery hopping, I say hopping because we actually only just popped into a few galleries real quick, before having a late lunch and getting organized with our plans with my dear friend Bambi. 

She loves art, she actually interns at Opera Gallery at this moment. For her it is important to see and know everything about the galleries and what each of them has to offer. For me its just fun and an interesting way of spending time during the day plus you always learn something when you hang out with the enthusiasts. 

This time we went to two galleries on Walton street here in London, and I found a piece I loved in Andipa Gallery. It is very rare for me, and so I loved it even more. It was this huge (170x260cm) oil painting of flowers by British artist Marc Quinn whom I have previously only known for his sculptures

I love flowers and colours so for me this painting is beautiful.

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