With all the decisions I have to make at this point in my life about my studies and work; with Easter approaching, I decided to take a slightly longer break from the exciting London life, and spend 3 weeks in my hometown Budapest.

I arrived on Saturday evening and went straight to my best friends surprise birthday party as one of the surprises. She is the one who never knows when I came home, and to whom I always walk up when she least expects. This time I walked up to her with her birthday cake!

After drinks in Majorka (a pub I love in the summer) we headed to Kolor, a somewhat new place in the heart of Budapest. I have heard of Kolor many times before, but have not managed to go the last time I was visiting. I must say I was dissapointed, for a moment I thought it was because I was used to hearing the best music in London, but then everyone tells me they hate the music there...

Anyways, I am still looking forward to my nights out  while I am here.

This afternoon it started to heavily snow and arriving home later today, felt strange to not see a Christmas tree but Easter decorations.

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  1. Anonymous30/3/13 06:35

    Kolor is a kool place. Sometimes stinx like a fox.


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