VINTAGE hat | RANDOM scarf | PRIMARK jacket | OPENING CEREMONY tee | ZARA trousers | H&M belt | TOPSHOP shoes | MIEZKO bag

It still is very cold here (Like everyhere else I guess) no trees or flowers have started blooming yet and it is very saddening. When I booked my Budapest tickets, I was hoping to arrive into a nice spring weather, with beautiful nature. I was also planning on riding my bike to the places where we go every time, and was also planning on visiting to zoo to see the newborn baby elephant. 

Unfortunately none of these were possible. So I will have to come back closer to summer and hope that there will be one:)

I was a bit underdressed considering it was only a few degrees outside, but in April I just simply refuse to wear anything wintry. 

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  1. Anonymous8/4/13 23:46

    The jungle around is in hibernation.
    "The spring is cancelled due to lack of interest, this year".


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