We spent the last two days of school with a Lower East side and a Meatpacking district gallery crawl. Meatpacking being a more established area for contemporary art and art galleries and the lower east side being one of the newest up and coming areas for this, that's just become more popular within the past 5 years. 

Galleries we visited in Chelsea
Gagosian Gallery, David Zwirner, Pace Gallery, Matthew Marks Gallery, Carolina Nitsch.

Galleries we visited on the Lower East Side
James Fuentes Gallery, Brennan & Griffin, LMAK PProjects Simon Preston Gallery, Invisible exports, Eli Ping Gallery.

H&M top | TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE silk shorts | ZARA trainers | OTHER STORIES sunnies 

Art updates at Bambi Tiziana's Blog 



This course was taking all of our energies and spent a few nights in, just to process the knowledge: 
of course, this is how we do it :)

The Four Seasons is our official hotel of silliness.

During this Christie's course we got to experience how auctions and the auction house works: from registering to taking home a piece; also what goes on behind the scenes: from selection to photoshoots, to catalogues, locations and dates. 

I love behind the scenes and all sorts of secrets so I was really happy to see what is beneath the offices of Christie's.

This poor creature was by the elevators all alone. 
I never found out what was underneath the cloth.
Right now sadly we have to pack, we are leaving tonight:(




Hey all, Hope all is fine with everyone. Me and my partner in crime have now been in NYC for a week, a week so inspiring I can not even try to explain.

 These are pictures from last sunday when we went to a rooftop party at The Mondrian Hotel in Soho.

We joined our friend who we met in London but since then moved to NYC, Juriel Zeligman (on the right below), who by the way is throwing a huge party, The Parisian Ball, on Bastille day here in NYC, in case you are here & want to go for us:)

 FullTimeFab group: Bambi Tiziana & I
 I was wearing my Maison Martin Margiela top as a dress, but since it has open back I paired it with a white topshop skirt and put on my tallest platfrom sandals in leopard & my orange-est sunnies for contrast.

Bambi having a blast in Chanel sunnies, Topshop Boutique silk top and denim dungarees
The Story of the Margiela top:  I saw something very similar in an episode of early-mid SATC in brown and cropped. Few years later I found it in a size triple mine but I just had to have it. Which is why I have to wear it as a dress.



Spending 10 days in NYC in this beautiful summer weather would be amazing as it is, but knowing what is coming up next week makes it even more exciting. We are here with Tizi to take an intensive contemporary art course! 

Now back to getting ready to the afternoon penthouse party we are going to later today!




TOPSHOP tee | TOSHOP skirt | H&M cap | NIKE runners

The other day I went to visit, and check out one of my best friends', my photographer's new place and saw that she has these fire escape stairs at the back of her building. 

I only went to see the place and go for a burger at a near by pub but we ended up staying on the stairs with our empty stomachs to take the photos. And then we got lost between the small streets so dinner at 8 became dinner at 10...




coming tomorrow our improvised outfit shoot.




VINTAGE denim jacket | CHEAP MONDAY tank | TOPSHOP bra | VINTAGE jeans and vallet

Just a casual day. Since I started working again I have sort of been "forced" to dress more casual, because I need the comfort during the day. I know its really bad. So I need to find a way to motivate myself to be creative.

The other day the rain caught me while I was at my best friends place, so I borrowed these pretty Zara shoes, which I love and WILL will return them today:)

I love this new bra and vest combo.

Photos by Judit Szuromi



It has been a while. Sorry. 
There have been so many changes in these past few weeks. Change of flat, new job, new decisions that will have a definite effect on my future. 
I hate changes and I hate making big personal decisions. I like others making them for me.

We had to give up our Camden square apartment. So many factors have played a role in it, I don't even want to start listing them. It is hard, because it was 50% perfect. 50%. And you never know if things can get better (this is my pessimist side shouting) but things have to change and they will so lets hope for the best (this is my optimist side whispering). 

Anyways, I have moved back to West London and I have changed back to my original perfume. People who have not recognised me this past 1 year + will probably do so now. 
Flat is nice, especially when I can sit on the balcony that overlooks a park, with my coffee in the hand. I just need the sun to shine for that!
I only hate one thing: not living on the top floor!
Will you go to sleep now?!?!
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