It has been a while. Sorry. 
There have been so many changes in these past few weeks. Change of flat, new job, new decisions that will have a definite effect on my future. 
I hate changes and I hate making big personal decisions. I like others making them for me.

We had to give up our Camden square apartment. So many factors have played a role in it, I don't even want to start listing them. It is hard, because it was 50% perfect. 50%. And you never know if things can get better (this is my pessimist side shouting) but things have to change and they will so lets hope for the best (this is my optimist side whispering). 

Anyways, I have moved back to West London and I have changed back to my original perfume. People who have not recognised me this past 1 year + will probably do so now. 
Flat is nice, especially when I can sit on the balcony that overlooks a park, with my coffee in the hand. I just need the sun to shine for that!
I only hate one thing: not living on the top floor!
Will you go to sleep now?!?!

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