Coffee time + Great coffee = Caffeine overdose.

at Allpress Espresso in Shoreditch on Redchurch street. This coffeehouse is famous for its great tasting coffees so now that we moved into the area we had to go and check for ourselves.
I have to say we were not dissapointed. Au contraire, this place lives up to the expectations! I took what I take always, cafe americano. It is served as it is supposed to be served, one shot espresso in a bigger cup with aportion of hot water on the side, that you add according to your taste.
It was really good.
There are so many confusions around coffee preparations as I experience it. Cafe americano, which is also called a short black, comes with only one shot of espresso and some more hot water. And when it comes with 2 shots of espresso and an equal amount of hot water, it is called a long black. Long black is too strong for me so if I can't have short black I get filtered coffee: which is made with a drip brewer (dripping hot water through a filter filled with your coffee of choice, this is what you see in American movies).
How do you like your coffee?

 What is Judit doing:
a) talking to me when I am invisible b) laughing at nonexistent jokes c) fighting with a bee

What is your favourite coffeehouse?

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