If you are getting into fashion, especially if you are interested in retail (retail, e-commerce, buying, merchandising...) one of your industry must reads has to be Drapers. It is a smart choice to be in the know of all market trends even if you are a designer. If you want to make decisions for your shop or design consciously towards a market that is affected by trends, and here I don't mean fashion trends, but social, economic or even legal/political then Drapers is really a must. 

Because I have been going to different fashion schools in London for the past 5 years, I can tell you that all fashion business classes start with "read Drapers". 
Drapers is a fashion retail business weekly in print (£4.75) and online (to what you can subscribe to access for £199/year). 
Of course there are many other things you can read for industry updates such as Women's Wear Daily (WWD) which is based in the US, and discusses everything from fashion trends to news to business. You can also visit WGSN, which is online trend forecasting agency. They are the best for trends online, but its membership only, where you have to apply and pay (forgot how much, but these trend forecasts are usually super expensive starting around thousands for a season). I was lucky to have access because fashion universities here get a student access to it so they can experience and learn how to use this sort of information to their advantage. If you live in a city where there are big fashion magazine shops then you can also visit these to flick through the pages of other forecasting print magazines (these are more like very expensive books).

Do you know of any other fashion business print or online magazines that you'd suggest others to read?



ESPRIT jacket | VINTAGE top | ZARA skirt | H&M bag | TOPSHOP UNIQUE boots

Autumn is here and so all my posts revolve around the fact that I try to mach my outfits to this change. I think it is how I subconsciously try to accept the fact that summer and so the best part of the year is over. Finding the only joy in autumn weather is transitional clothing. It is the time when it is never to warm and is never too cold (well for me).

Blue is such a great colour for autumn, I think it fits nicely into the nature and is a big trend for the season now, so go ahead and find your perfect blue garment! When you found it send me your links or photos with your outfits, I would love to see them all!

Photos by Gyorgy Szokolay



Loic Prigent 
Loic Prigent is a French documentary director whose series and documentaries have a strangely new look on the fashion world. If you thought fashion people are lazy, crazy, pretentious & just plain shopaholics, watch his shows and you will realise how much work and stress the fashion world involves. His series give you access to behind the scenes where you would not have any other way. And they are so funny (par example: this & this in french with Lanvin's Alber Elbaz)!
1 - "Le jour d'avant..." means the day before is a documentary series shot during the day/night and minutes leading up to the seasonal shows of the big fashion houses. The fashion houses of "Le jour d'avant" in 2009, season 1: Sonia Rykiel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld & Proenza Schouler. In 2010, season 2: Aexander Wang, Versace, Diane von Furstenberg, Narciso Rodriguez, Nina Ricci, Jeremy Scott. Buy it here: Season 1 & Season 2
2 - "Signe Chanel" 5 episodes showing how Karl Lagerfeld and his team get ready for PFW. Buy it here: Whole series.
3 - "Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton" shot before the Marc Jacobs was the Marc Jacobs as you know him now;) ! Buy it here: whole dvd.

I strongly recommend you watch these, unfortunately they are not on Youtube (I just suddenly remembered I had a post once about all Loic Prigent's great fashion documentaries (HERE) Although the links are dead now), I watched them and they are the best if you want to know more about fashion! It will be one of the best investments you can make this month:) along woth either a pink overcoat or your checkered anything.

Michele Lamy
Have you ever seen the lady with the tattooed fingertips wearing fabulous furs during Paris fashion week in person or on street style shots?

The lady with the tattoed finger tips wearing fab fur is a defense attorney. But she is also the wife of Rick Owens and a style icon in her own right, a party persona from the 90s Los Angeles underground scene, who also sings and who also is the biggest supporter of Gareth Pugh.
Her name is Michele Lamy.

There are so many stories going around about her apparently (via) but she actually is just an artist of all who used to run her restaurant/bar (that she took over from original owner) in Hollywood, Los Angeles where you could find all the biggest stars and artists mingling with the general public on any given night (below pictures 1,2,4) :

"Hidden in a nondescript parking lot, behind an unmarked steel door, the “the two cafés” girded a pair of Provençal-style gardens dotted with mosaic-top tables and dripping with night-blooming jasmine and eucalyptus. Around the old magnolia tree dropping its leaves on the slate slab floor, past the mobile garden bar (and tables 20-23), you approached the main house through the patio—an elevated porch, covered by a canopy of grapevines and three species of Japanese wisteria, and heated year-round by an outdoor fireplace. These were the most coveted tables (numbers 50-62), each of them handmade glass-tile arabesques—where Al Pacino shot double decaf espressos and Six Feet Under shot episodes, where Tim Roth and his family ate most Sunday nights, where Heath Ledger, Djimon Hounsou, Nicole Kidman, Ridley Scott, and David Lynch ate Hama Hama oysters and drank Veuve Clicquot on quiet nights, and Lenny Kravitz and Bill Murray chopped it up and table-hopped on the busy ones." (via)

She plans to reopen the Les deux cafes in Venice italy (on the above image: the pictures on the right)

Images: google



VINTAGE jacket | PRIMARK slip dress | ZARA shoes | H&M bag

 I was always into the pajama trend, especially now that we have these slip dresses too. I Just fell in love with them the moment I saw them at the Marc Jacobs runway for this autumn winter season. 
I personally just love the idea of getting dressed, but maybe forgetting something.. The Marc Jacobs case: slip dresses with fab coats and shoes and accessories. As if they didn't have time to properly get ready. 
I love that idea of wearing your sleepwear or home clothes and adding accessories or a coat that is clearly not part of the sleepwear. Do you remember that outfit that Carrie Bradshaw had on, when she ran to visit Miranda in the SATC 1. movie? She had her pajamas with heels, pearls, sequins and fur. And I loved it.
Here I have paired mine with this vintage military jacket, that I got at Camden Stables market and with flats. I wanted it to be an easy running around day look.  

Photos by Gyorgy Szokolay



 SANCTUARY SPA moisturizer | SANCTUARY SPA face mask

I am not a beauty blogger and I gladly leave the task of talking about make up and stuff to those who are pros in it, like one of my new found fave Hungarian beauty blogger: Enntrance, but from time to time I find something that I really like and just simply feel the need to share it with You.

A few months ago I found (as a gift probably in a magazine) a face scrub, by Sanctuary SPA, that I really loved: Warming Microbraison Polish, so the last time I stumbled into Boots, I looked around in the Sanctuary SPA area.

The Sanctuary Spa was launched in 1977, as a retreat for the female dancers of the Royal Ballet school and it is today the UK's no1 women only spa.
 First, I found the Body Moisture Spray which is amazing for my super super dry skin, it's oil based (gives a nice glow to the skin) but is good for a busy day since it is absorbed real quick. It is a spray, so it's easy to use and will not leak into my bag contrary to what sometimes happens to me by carrying around a travel size Johnson's Baby oil (which is what I normally use as a body moisturizer) that leaves a mark on everything. 

Second thing I found to try, was this face mask: Time Reversal Face Mask, I bought the travel pack form this too, since I wanted to try it first but there is a bigger package. Now I know I don't really need this yet (it said over 30), but I always feel that it is better to prevent and be pro active with these sort of things. It has only good things in it for the skin, and helps the skin's own cell renewal, why wouldn't that be good? :) I believe that no matter how young/old you are your skin gets older by the minute and so if you start helping/assisting your skin in keeping its youth it will last longer.



 H&M leather skirt | PRIMARK shirt | H&M clutch | BUFFALO shoes

This is just one of those simple but elegant looks that works for a nice dinner or drinks with friends or your date. Otherwise wear it with a pair of flat boots and make it more of a rocker/grunge look, perfect for this autumn.
Ez egy nagyon szimpla osszeallitas ami tokeletes egy vacsorara vagy iszogatasra a baratokkal. Ha nem magassarkuval hordod, akkor egy bakancsal parositsd, hogy egy rockeres/grunge look-ot hozz letre, ami ugy is nagyon trendi most osszel.  

photos by Gorgy Szokolay



PRIMARK knit | TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE shorts | ZARA shoes | VINTAGE bag | PRIMARK top and necklace

 Photos by Gyorgy Szokolay



You must get something with ostrich feathers for this season. If you already have, then you just have to wear it and be fabulous in it this season. It does not have to be a whole item made out of feathers, it is even better if it is only a detail. To do that if you don't find it in shops, you can simply just go to a fabric store and buy a some by the meter and sew it on the hem of your jumper or on basically anything you feel like.

Muszaj mindenkinek beszereznie egy tollas dolgot erre a szezonra. Ha mar van regebbrol, akkor itt az ido, hogy hordjad! Nem kell az egesz ruhadarab tollbol legyen, az is jo, sot jobb is, ha csak reszeltek vannak tollal diszintve. Ha nem talalsz ilyet az uzletekben akkor lehet meterre kapni textil uzletekben, amit aztan ravarhatsz barmire, a pullover derekatol kezdve a szoknyak szegelyeig barmire!



As you might already noticed I loooooove Ashish (outfits: Here & Here & Here). Everything from Ashish at anytime.
This season was even more amazingly mesmerizing: from the ripped jeans made out of sequins to the plastic grocery imitations, from dresses to baggy sporty silhouettes (to the disappointment of most men) everything was fabulously beautiful to my eyes and would wear 24/7! Just look at how beautifully the ripper parts of the denim is made!
 He is originally from India, but he is a London based designer known for his sequined pieces. Whatever he design is covered in sequins, for those who don't know these sequined garments are as far away from the those you can find on the highstreet as I am from Mars (which is very unfortunate). These are easily recognizable and beautifully made. His parents had a sequin factory in India which is how he got into sequining everything! 

Unfortunately I wasn't close enough to take a good picture of the details, So I am borrowing these 2 detail images from other instagrammers who were present at the show. Ps: for those who don't live in London and don't know, the neon green bag with S&M is the sequin parody of the M&S bag, that's the grocery store of Marks & Spencer.

And last night I suffered from Post Show Syndrome, I had to wear my Ashish dress (AW10) to a dinner party at Loulou's. 

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