This series is the experimental left over of the morning post. I was thinking to maybe put the two series together, like mix the blurry ones in with the not blurred ones but then realised that the two sets are two worlds too far apart and therefor cannot be in the same post. This one is magic with some reality and the other one is pure reality.

It is the best decision I have made, to have moved in with Judit. I think we are very inspiring to each other and we need the closeness. We need it, because we are both lazy people and we are both very unpredictable in terms of planning ahead (terrible, i know) if we don't live together our contact would reduce to phone conversations. I really hated it when that was the case.

We took the pictures very quickly at a church garden in the sunset near our new place. We were extremely sleepy and dizzy on too much coffee. We didn't have much time to explore the possibilities of the garden as it was about to close: the priest came up to us saying that he will lock up very soon and at the end as a sign, Judit's coffee was knocked up by some crazy children playing and running around without looking around. So we left. But we will go back. :)


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