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 I remember I bought this skirt my first year in London, and I remember I was hunting for a feather skirt for a long time until I found this one. Since then I keep it in a sacred protective bag. 
I have these favourite garments that I don't keep with my other clothes, these are my most precious items. It can be an exquisite dress, vintage designer pieces or something I know I will never want to look for again, like this feather skirt (that is so IN right now btw). I keep them in protective bags or packed away in silk paper.

Do you have any precious items that you love so much you keep them packed away?
 Emlekszem amikor megvettem ezt a szoknyat, Londonba koltozesem elso eveben volt. Emlekszem, hogy nagyon reg ota kerestem mar egy toll szoknyat mire ezt megtalaltam. Azota is egy vedo csomagolasban tartom, kulon a tobbi atlagos ruhamtol nehany masik ilyen kedvenc holmimmal eggyut. Ezeket selyem papirba csomagolva orizgetem. Ide tartozik az a nehany ertekes gyogyoru ruha, vintage designer cucc, sample sale-es darabok es kulonleges high street holmi amiket orokre meg akarok orizni.

Neked vannak olyan cucaid amikre ilyen gondosan vigyazol?

Photos by Gyorgy Szokolay


  1. Fabulous look - Adore that skirt! <3

  2. The skirt is great - fabulous!!

    Verena from Who is Mocca?

  3. Thank you girls! It's such an old piece in my wardrobe but still love it! xx


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