YEAR 2000

If you follow my Tumblr than you surely know that right now I am loving the early 2000. It's everywhere around me (started following people on Insta just because they post from these years) and I watch the movies and listen to the music.

I have been listening to Madonna's "Music" and "what it feels like for a girl".

Personally the year 2000, when I was 12, was a big and important year for me: I have traveled all the way to Montreal, Canada to spend the summer studying English. I stayed with my dad's cousins (Steve and Veronika who is also my Godmother) and their families. It was the first time I traveled across the ocean, it was the first time I traveled alone (well accompanied by a BA employee), and it was the first time when I went shopping without my mom.  And I had short hair. I wore crop tops with thin straps with some of them with see through fabric overlay, low rise 3/4 length trousers and denim flares. I had a Discman and a big PC with dial up internet connection. Chatted on MSN with friends. I had highlights in my hair. It was also the year of Nokia 3310.

- I also remember watching Eminem on Music+

- I remember I was team Britney initially.

- But then liked Christina too and went shopping for her make up. This was my first time shopping for make up too in a mall (with my Dad's cousin's wife's sister, ha. )

- This was the year I bought my first pair of heels (which were actually embroidered denim platform sandals) something like this here.

- These were the peak years of low rise jeans & crop tops in my life.

- 2000 was the year when I had to leave the cinema before the movie ended because I was feeling squeamish (Hollowman)

- It was also the year when I first went to an arcade (my cousin birthday party) and a real adventure park (in Hungary we didn't have any worth going to and now we don't have any).

- This was also the year when I had my first tornado/hurricane scare and learnt that if the sky is green it is close (second was last year in NYC: Sandy, when we managed to get out just a few hours before it hit the city, third was when I didn't go back to London last week) we were in Toronto, and we had to spend the night in the basement (all basements there are furnished mini flats, just in case!)


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