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 LOVE skirt | MARKS & SPENCER jumper | ZARA bag & shhoes

I just love a good tartan print. Normally I wouldn't mix it into something, but this time I thought I would do something a bit different! So I added a printed scarf and tiger print shoes to this skirt from in love with fashion. 
The skirt is is from the brand called Love, who launched their website inlovewithfashion.com for trendy online shoppers on a budget in 2010. If you have been shopping online, you simply must visit if you support British fashion.




 PRIMARK cardigan | H&M top | H&M trousers (similar here) | TOPSHOP clutch | KURT GEIGER shoes

Whoops, shit happens and then the left over pictures come super handy. I usually work in advance but this last week was super busy (with apartment related problems) that I sort of could not work in advance and the photos we shot I ended up not liking a 100%. When I am not satisfied a 100% than I'd rather not post it. 

This is part of a series I posted before with a little change.




CHEAP MONDAY top | MANGO leather jacket | ZARA trousers | TOPSHOP shoes | H&M bag

This outfit is  he perfect day to night outfit. It is smart but cool at the same time. 

While I am uploading these pictures our bolier is being replaced. The misery of me and our boiler has been going on for months. Thank god, I was away for most of it but this weekend it broke again leaving us going to friends places for shower. All afternoon yesterday, british gas was trying to fix it. Impossible. So our shady and cheap landlord finally agreed to replace it. Which is what is happening right now.
I wish instead of this I was at my friends birthday brunch. Or anywhere, but here.




 PRIMARK jumper worn as a dress | ZARA boots | FENDI bag

As I was waiting for my flatmate to print off her uni project photographs in snappy snaps I made a quick run to Primark. And I quickly bought this jumper that reminded me of the Stella Mccartney jumper but in a different colour set. I actually bought the size 14 as I wanted it to be baggy and wear as a dress. I thought it would be perfect with these over the knee boots from Zara.

Photos by Judit Szuromi

Plaid  is such a big thing right now but not only in a punk-ish way but also in a more elegant and chic  kind of way.
 Shop a selection of chic plaid items




 MANGO jacket | MARKS & SPENCER t-shirt | ASOS skit | ZARA boots | DOROTHY PERKINS bag

The first shoot we did since I came back to London. We did it at about 5pm, in less light because we wanted the city lights to show! 
Can't believe what a busy welcome back weekend this was. I came back on Thursday afternoon to a missing flatmate who went over to Paris for Paris Photo and best friends being busy with boyfriends so I decided to catch up with some good party friends. After a dinner party we headed to The Box, which I actually hate but my friend was playing so I had to go.  Then we visited the green room at Maddox: a "secret" room through the kitchen with own DJ,  bar, opening hours and exit. Arriving home at 5am has not given much sleeping time as I had to be awake super early to deal with everything I haven't dealt with during my month away. That night I was going to hang out with my worst friend but she ended up leaving early and me staying at The Arts club where we headed with some Hungarian friends after the funny cocktails at Purl. I have never been to Purl but it is definitely I place I want to revisit. Saturday proved to be a difficult day as I was writing an article. So much Struggle, I couldn't even finish on time. Later that night my flatmate returned as I left the house to visit the Worstfriend at her place. We left for dinner with her and some American friends at the new Mexican resto Peyote, that opened recently where Aurelia used to be. Our next stop was the also "new", well I haven't been yet, Mason-House which is the new club where Movida used to be. I loved the decor, it looked like some ancient church basement. The night ended at Beat with my phone dead begging friends to order me a cab.
And this was the welcome back weekend and I promise I will  never tire you again with my party antics. Unless you want me to of course.
The post was inspired by This Blog

Photos by Judit Szuromi

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