Arrival at Aspen Airport American Eagle flight

It is now Sunday 11pm here in Aspen, and I am writing this just after a fab dinner and my fave TV show, The Walking Dead so I am in a very comfortable and relaxed mood even though I am so tired.

I left Budapest on the 3rd of February for London with a big and a small suitcase and will not return until towards the end of the month! I stayed in London for a couple of days to hang with some of the closest friends and then left for Aspen on the 7th. We took a morning flight to catch an early afternoon one to Aspen in Dallas, but because the London-Dallas plane was an hour late we missed our connections at DFW. The hard thing about these transfers is that because Dallas is your first point of entry into the US, you have to check out your checked in luggage and go through security again. It takes too much time and so we got tickets to Vail instead where from we were going to drive to Aspen, but missed that flight too. It is just impossible to change terminals, check in and go through security in a big city like Dallas in 30 minutes. We spent the night in Dallas, but since we were running around most of the day and not sleeping on the 9h30 flight we just could not go out. Unfortunately, because I would've loved to see Dallas for my cowboy mania. So finally we arrived the next day, which we spent with arranging our ski gear and tickets. We rented my boots and skis form D&E in Aspen and it works perfectly, they sent it to Buttermilk, which is one of the 4 locations to ski in Aspen, where I could pick up the next morning.

Aspen is a fairly small city in Colorado where skiing is amazing, even now that there isn't fresh snow. The city looks like something in a fairy tale, tiny & cute houses with Christmas lights everywhere. The town has only high end shopping and some great shops for ski gear and special winter collections by many of the brands. My fave ski apparel brands are now SOS from Denmark and Authier which you could both get at Performance Ski sports wear shop. Authier's website is kind of terrible so don't check it to see what they really make. Their signature is the oversized zipper from what I've seen and my fave look was the mink fur lined ski coat. Just wow. I never thought ski wear could be so cool.

Not only the houses are small and cute but the airplane also, fewer seats and smaller space, if you are a bit taller than me, you 'll bang your head in the ceiling!

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Tiny American Eagle flight from Dallas to Aspen
Gigantic american food
DFW selfie
Aspen from above
Connecting flights in Dallas
Strange tickets

Skiing here, or actually learn to ski here is the best I could have ever asked for. I was always very scared of skiing, having skiis tangled up and breaking my knees for example, but it's nothing like that now.
In Aspen there are for mountains you can ski on, Aspen/Ajax mountain, right by Aspen city and our apartment; Buttermilk, where I spent 2 days with the Beginners Magic program; Snowmass (which is like a little village itself, with shops, homes, restaurants, music) where I spent one day of Beginners Magic and Aspen Highlands. Buttermilk is the easiest to learn but Snowmass is a lot more fun. Also you are not learning in huge groups, the most I had in a group is 3 including me, so you really get to learn and build confidence. I went without instructor for my 4th day and already did bits on blue slopes and loved it!

UPDATE: The tube you on one of the following pictures, I was asked a few times, is a so called magic carpet, which is like a lift on beginner slopes!

Snowmass Aspen
Ski helmet selfie
Changeable goggles
Aspen town and mountains
Buttermilk Aspen top
Buttermilk Aspen restaurant view
Buttermilk lift view
Aspen Snowmass Elk camp magic carpet
Aspen town
kemo Sabe cowboy shop in aspen
After ski party look
360 bar at Sky Hotel Aspen
Aspen tiny houses
Aspen tiny houses
Aspen crew
Aspen ski shop Performance Ski
last straw
Kemo Sabe cowboy shop

Hungarian Paprika in Aspen

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