I have a new styling video on my Instagram: 4 ways to wear these super cute and extra flattering vegan leather pants from Showpo (gifted).
Watch the styling video linked here and below that you will find the outfit credits.


Top - 💸 Lulus 
Pants - 💸 Showpo 
Bag - 💸 Missslola 
Boots - Bershka - 💸 Similar here


Cardigan -  Primark - 💸 Similar here
Pants  - 💸 Showpo
Bag - 💸 Studio33
Heels - DSW - 💸 Similar here


Top - 💸 Zara 
Pants - 💸 Showpo 
Shoes - 💸 DSW 
Bag - Brandy Melville - 💸 similar here
Coat - 💸 In the Style 


Knit jumper - 💸 Showpo
Pants - 💸 Showpo
Booties - 💸 DSW
Bag - Brandy Melville - 💸 similar here

*Some of the links are affiliate links which means if you buy the item I will get a small commission (you are not paying more because of this)
*Showpo gifted me these 2 Showpo items of my choice.
*Lulus top was also gifted.
*Studio33 bag was also gifted. 



Wearing Daige in Getsemaní, Cartagena

This post has been way too long in the making! We traveled to Cartagena in January 2019 for my birthday and I could not have wished for a more amazing place to spend it! Cartagena in Colombia is just so picturesque, fun and has so many really cute restaurants with great food that this post will not do it justice. But I will try.

Bomba Beach Club

We chose Cartagena because me and the hubby both thought about it completely independently and found this coincidence to be a sign. He heard about it from a colleague and I saw it on RHONY (I know lol). He mentioned it a bit scared thinking I will say no not knowing that I had already dreamt of visiting this place from seeing it on tv. So we booked the tickets and a hotel and left SF.

Before telling you where to stay I will tell you where not to stay. And that is any resort-like hotel in the Bocagrande part of the city. We booked our first hotel there after reading great reviews and the fact that there was a beach right in front of it but hated it. We luckily managed to get out of that reservation after spending a couple nights there and having already visited the old town part of Cartagena. 

Hotel Estelar in Bocagrande

We quickly realised that the walled city is where we wanted to be because Bocagrande is just not as charming and the beach there is super busy and really not worth it  (we didn't even go there). So....


After realising that we wanted to spend the rest of our vacay in the old town we booked the ANANDA boutique Hotel. And it was the best decision ever. I can highly recommend you stay here because we had a fab time. And I am picky. Like super picky. Everything from the hotel itself to our room, the decor, the food (I had the veggie risotto by the pool like I don't even know how many times it was so good) was beautiful and delicious. We had breakfast every morning in the hotel restaurant (which had an indoor and patio area too). You could choose from a small but even more delicious menu in the most beautiful setting. 

The advantage of a boutique hotel in the centre is that they are built inside these original colonial style buildings, most of them with a pool and they are right in the centre! So you can walk around in the city and when it gets too hot you just go back to your hotel and jump in the pool!

Ananda Boutique hotel had two pools, one on the rooftop and another one on the ground floor. Most rooms had a window or balcony looking onto this ground floor pool,  ours is on the pictures above.

View from the rooftop at Ananda
Eating my delish veggie risotto by the rooftop pool


Alquímico in Cartagena 

Before going there I prepared list of restaurants I wanted to go to but honestly we almost didn't even need my list as everywhere we went there was a cool restaurant. Like San Francisco or NYC level cool with food to match.

Pizzeria Fernandez Madrid 

The restaurants we visited were: Alma, a hotel Restaurant and bar so good we went back twice, El Kilo, Pizzeria Fernandez Madrid which had tables on the square (Plaza Fernandez) but we spotted a balcony on the cute little Colombian house right next to it with only 3 small tables up there and as it turned out, it was part of that same restaurant. We had both a dinner and a lunch up there and it was such a great experience as you could hear the city and the music from below but also have the privacy, Demente in the Getsemaní neighbourhood which was a pizza place, Zaitun where we went to try something new as they served Colombian-Lebanese fusion food (Soooo GOOOOD), Maria Bonita also in Getsemaní which we spotted while walking around in the neighbourhood because it had the most amazing interior.  But there were so many more restaurants we wished we had been to.

Maria Bonita

The bars: Alquimico, this place is my favourite bar that I have ever been to, make sure you also go to Cafe del Mar located on the western wall of the historical city for sunsets (just get there before opening so you get a good seat) and we also went to the KGB bar well because we are from Eastern Europe lol. We also really wanted to go to Cafe Havana but unluckily it was closed the day we tried.

Alma Restaurante: Steak, Porkbelly, atmosphere, Tuna steak,

Also no need to worry if you go without bookings or a list because the place is full of great restaurants and bars.

The houses are so cute in Cartagena


In Cartagena: Definitely worth spending a 2-3 days just exploring this beautiful old town which I would divide into two parts: the walled city old town (2 days for sure) and Getsemani (at least a day) which is more of an up and coming trendy-artsy part of the city. Take a cab to Plaza de la Trinidad and walk from there.

Shopping is also really good in Cartagena! The coolest concept stores will be pricey but you will find more affordable options too. Make sure to also check the street vendors for items you saw in shops as they might have it for less... We found a really good menswear store for the hubby and bought like half the store for him: Portomar!

Outside of Cartagena: For my actual birthday we booked a beach club, Blue Apple beach club on a nearby island (where you could also spend a night as it is a hotel too) and on an other day we went to Bomba beach club on the same island. Certainly preferred the birthday beach club experience as it was less chaotic and had a more luxurious feel to it. But both were good beach clubs although you could probably try the Namaste beach club instead of the Bomba club. We also visited an aviary (Aviario Nacional) (our hotel arranged a taxi for us) and if we had more time we would have also gone to Playa Blanca which was a bit further down from the bird place.

Aviario Nacional de Cartagena

Head over to my Instagram (@WhatVeroWears) and check out the Cartagena Highlight!




Thank you so much for watching my styling video on Instagram! I got a couple questions regarding items in this video, so I thought I'd link them here (or something similar) for you guys instead of just tagging them in the video on Instagram.

Did a couple other posts like this one, click here to check them out! I will start a section for these styling videos here on the blog too so they are all together.

So below are some crappy screen shots followed by the items (I am not taking pictures when I film these styling videos, although judging from the following screen shots I def should start doing that lol).

The shirt/jacket 'herringbone-weave shirt jacket' is sold out online but there are still some in stores (at least here in SF) so I will link something similar.


Plaid shirt - HM - similar - here or here
Turtleneck - Pretty Little Thing - similar here
Skirt -Bershka - similar here
Boots - Zara - similar here
Bag - Brandy Melville - similar here


Shirt - HM - similar - here or here
Dress - Amercian Apparel - similar here or here
Boots - Bershka - here
Belt - Other Stories - similar here 


Shirt - HM - similar - here or here
Top - Missy Empire - here
Jeans - Zara - similar here
Heels - Missy Empire - here
Bag - Studio 33 - here 


Shirt - HM - similar - here or here
Dress - In The Style - 
Boots - Zara - similar here
Bag - Brandy Melville - similar here



So thankful for each and every collaboration I have, because I get to style the coolest items! Misslola is a new find for me, when I used to live in Europe I shopped at more EU based online stores, but I am so happy to find and explore more brands with really cool styles here in the US.

I think a pair of leather shorts are a perfect fall staple. The material is perfect for colder weather but the length keeps it stylish for autumn paired with boots! I love this one because I can change the belt on it which makes so much more versatile. I have a styling video where I show you on Instagram the many ways you can wear these shorts if you click here but so far this is my most favourite because it is an easy everyday look.

If you decide to buy something from the Misslola website use my code 'veronika' for 30 percent off and tag me @whatverowears so that I can see your look!

Here is a link to the shorts: MissLola Streets of Paris shorts




I know it looks like it's a summer dress, but here in California you can totally get away with wearing it as the weather is soooo nice! Plus it is lined. And has long sleeves. And I paired it with a pair of white boots which really transform it into a season appropriate dress. It is from Miss Lola and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I am actually thinking of making a styling video with several ways to wear it this fall but not sure if I should do it as it is almost sold out. If I end up filming it, it will be because I am sure all of you owned a white puffy sleeve dress this summer that you could totally update it for early fall.  

I have a little collab going on with Miss Lola at the moment, so if you like anything from their website just use my 'Veronika' for 30 off anything. 

And before it sells out:
white dress I am wearing size XS
white boots size up!! 

Ps: here is the Instagram post with this look also featuring a short video we shot at Muir Beach overlook

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